SHCA Membership form

Why Join?

Membership is a great idea because it lets you know about upcoming events, news about your neighbourhood, emergency alerts, and wild animal sightings. It’s a way to be plugged-in to your community. A quarterly newsletter will let you know about upcoming events and share local photos. The money from memberships goes toward funding events and maintaining our community bulletin boards.


Only $10 per year per membership. The year runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31st. Most people sign up at the annual Meet & Greet get-together.

How to Join?

Option A: Fill out the membership form below and write a cheque to Sandy Hook Community Association for each adult member for $10 each. You can deposit your cheque in the Community Association drop box at the bulletin board on Deerhorn, just below the Tot Park.

Option B: Fill out the membership form below and email it to requesting email transfer instructions.


SHCA will happily accept donations to help us with ongoing and new projects with the benefit of Sandy Hook residents in mind. Refer to the Sandy Hook Community Association page in this website for a list of some of the many things we’ve accomplished. The same ways of paying dues also applies to donations. Thank you, in advance, for giving back to your community.

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