January 2018 Update – Special AGM

Happy New Year! We are writing to you to inform you of several recent events that have taken place. Firstly, our president, Peter Harvey, has stepped down and is unable to host the yearly meet and greet that was scheduled for Feb 3rd. Therefore, Our board is arranging a special AGM to elect new board members and provide an opportunity for everyone to come together. Board positions available are as follows:

Vice President
Board members at large

We need at miminum 5 board members. Bruce Woodburn has just commenced a two year term, Jennifer Garden has a one year term left and both Kara McDougall and Flavio Ishii’s two year terms are up and they are not planning to continue.

In order to be a voting member of the SHCA, you need to be a current member and have paid your dues within 10 days prior to the AGM. It is likely the AGM will be held in March. Details of date and location are being arranged.

The Sandy Hook Community Association is your voice as a community. We need membership and engagement from community members to move forward on community concerns e.g. the recent logging in the forest behind Skookumchuk Rd. and Deerhorn Dr. Your association is committed to working on this issue, as well as other community concerns. Your support and membership involvement is a valuable part of what makes Sandy Hook such a special place to live.

Please find information at the SHCA website where you can download current membership forms. Stay tuned for additional information re: special AGM.

Many thanks,

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