Short Term Rentals

Currently the District of Sechelt Council are planning upgrades to the Bylaws regarding Short Term Rentals in Sechelt. The SHCA has been informed that local Community Associations will be asked for feedback. In response to this, we have created a Sub Committee consisting of Board Members and Association Members to make sure the collective Sandy Hook Community voice is heard. To facilitate this, we will be distributing a survey and asking for your input. We’ve decided on a rate scale style survey and hope to have it ready in the coming week, so keep an eye out for it. We are planning to distribute the survey via E-mail, the SHCA website, Post, Community bulletin boards and the community Facebook page. There will be instructions included, we are still working on the logistics.

We encourage you all to email the Mayor and Council if you have direct feedback regarding Short Term Rentals. 

Darnelda Siegers can be emailed at:

The Council can be emailed at:

District of Sechelt Online Bylaw Complaint Form:

Sechelt Bylaws Page:

Many thanks for participating!

Best regards,

Ryan Chalke


Sandy Hook Community Association

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