There has been a notable up-tick in COVID cases over the last few days. This has ‘tipped the scales’. The Board will no longer go door-to-door to deliver the survey. None-the-less the survey is crucial in getting direction for the coming year so a number of alternatives will be used.

First off – we hope the honour system will work – no multiple submissions by the same person!

Method 1

So here are the links to the survey documents. You can print and submit at the AGM or email to the current secretary –

  1. Membership Form (this can be provided via email and a Board member will follow up for the fee).
  2. Sign (indicate repair, replace, or do nothing)
  3. Traffic Survey
  4. Structure (indicate if a committee should be created to explore idea – or not)

Method 2

Survey packages will be available at bulletin boards around the community in the coming days. These can be completed and submitted at the AGM or in a box that will be placed at the Tot Park bulletin board.

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