There has been a notable up-tick in COVID cases over the last few days. This has ‘tipped the scales’. The Board will no longer go door-to-door to deliver the survey. None-the-less the survey is crucial in getting direction for the coming year so a number of alternatives will be used.

First off – we hope the honour system will work – no multiple submissions by the same person!

Method 1

So here are the links to the survey documents. You can print and submit at the AGM or email to the current secretary –

  1. Membership Form (this can be provided via email and a Board member will follow up for the fee).
  2. Sign (indicate repair, replace, or do nothing)
  3. Traffic Survey
  4. Structure (indicate if a committee should be created to explore idea – or not)

Method 2

Survey packages will be available at bulletin boards around the community in the coming days. These can be completed and submitted at the AGM or in a box that will be placed at the Tot Park bulletin board.

Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Sandy Hook Annual General Meeting will be held in Tot Park on September 6th at 4pm.

All residents and/or property owners are encouraged to attend. Only Members can vote so please consider joining. Several volunteers will be going door-to-door with a survey and membership form. They will be taking appropriate COVID precautions. Alternatively; residents and/or property owners can complete a membership application prior to the meeting and be able to vote at the meeting.

Key agenda items are;

1. elect new board members

2. decide future for Sandy Hook sign

3. decide to proceed, or not, on a community building/structure

This is an, open air, rain or shine event with social distancing. Attendees should be prepared to wear a mask in case social distancing becomes a challenge.

Full Agenda.

Sandy Hook Rd: Bulletin Board

The Sandy Hook Rd bulletin board has been looking very sad of late. At some point the roof came off of it leaving the board to be freely soaked by the rain.

The Sandy Hook Community Association organized and carried out its repair. It now has a new roof. There is more work to be done on this, and other community boards, but this seems to be a nice fix to get the ‘ball rolling’.

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